Industrial Grade

For heavy-duty sweeping, floor scrubbing, debris collection, and dust control in industrial settings like maintenance centers, shops, and garages, we’ve got you covered with some of the best equipment on the market. From Mini Street Sweepers down to walk-behind floor scrubbers and sweepers, here’s what you need for efficient industrial-grade cleaning.

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  • The Dulevo 850 Mini Sweeper is anything but. With its 63 inch sweep path, this is the perfect sweeper to tackle bike lanes, alley ways, side walks, parking garages, or smaller, hard to reach areas in foundries or town squares. Even better, it filters dust to an extreme degree so you won’t be blowing that stuff all over while you sweep. Enjoy incredible performance, operator comfort, and versatility with this Dulevo 850 Mini Sweeper.

  • Dulevo’s first electric street sweeper has zero emissions of CO2, zero harmful gases, and zero dust re-introduced into the environment. And, its maneuverability and compact size allow it to sweep even narrow and crowded areas. 100% electric, 100% performance: The Dulevo D.zero² is a marvel of engineering. Unbelievable performance, fully-electric, and incredibly comfortable with all the quality, incredibly useful sweeping features you’ve come to expect from Dulevo. This is how you get the job done right.

  • Innovative design, robust constructions, effective solutions for applications, and the unique waste hopper makes the 3000 Revolution one of the best in its class.

  • The New Dulevo D3, the new generation of the incredible Dulevo 3000 Revolution, delivers a new sweeping experience.

  • The New Dulevo D6, the new generation of the incredible Dulevo 6000, brings the latest in heavy-duty street sweeping.

  • The Schwarze SuperVac Aero is an economical regenerative air sweeper designed to slide into a 1/2 ton pickup bed or be trailer mounted. It sweeps a 78″ path and operates in both forward and reverse. The pickup head rides on two tungsten carbide skids. A large, 2.0 cubic yard polyethylene hopper reduces dumping time. A rear view camera with dash mounted monitor is standard equipment.

  • The Schwarze SuperVac Gale Force, mounted on a gas or diesel powered cab over chassis, has a durable, fully welded stainless steel hopper that is high corrosion & abrasion resistance with increased structural strength.

  • The Schwarze SuperVac Super Updraft is a low-profile pickup mounted sweeper perfectly sized for congested surface lots and narrow city or campus streets. Its 3.0 cubic yard hopper is constructed of welded stainless steel and dumps at 69″, easily emptying into standard 4 and 6 cubic yard dumpsters and nearly all roll offs. Ford and Chevrolet 3/4 ton chassis are available.

  • The Schwarze SuperVac Updraft is a half ton pickup mounted sweeper perfectly sized for municipal parking decks, congested surface lots and narrow city or campus streets. It’s 2.0 cubic yard hopper is constructed of welded stainless steel and dumps at 67″, easily emptying into standard 4 and 6 cubic yard dumpsters and nearly all roll offs.

  • Taking parking area sweeping to the next level, the Schwarze SuperVac Vortex offers a huge 4.8 cubic yard hopper and a 6’6″ dump height, eclipsing all others in its class. The standard 93 gallon dust suppressing water capacity can be increased to 159 gallons. Left and right side hopper inspection doors are standard as is a left or right situated 26″ digger style side broom.

  • Cleaning large area is what the Mag-HD floor scrubber is engineered and built to do. With it high-capacity solution and recovery tanks and battery pack options, the Mag-HD offers extended scrub times and covers a lot of square footage per hour. Equipped with scrub motors 200% more powerful than others, and wide scrub path options, the Mag-HD will clean your floors better, and faster. Well balanced and very stable this machine is operator friendly and a pleasure to operate.

  • Versatility is not in question here. Five deck sizes and two specialized cleaning systems allows you to clean virtually any environment with the Factory Cat XR.

  • A popular model that delivers reliable, cost-effective performance in a maneuverable and compact package. This machine can be used both indoor and outdoor for a number of applications.

  • The Powerboss Nautilus is a highly maneuverable mid-size ride-on scrubber/sweeper that delivers excellent cleaning results. The large water capacity provides prolonged operating time.

  • The Apex 58 gives you the option of LPG or battery power. As a result, all types of indoor and outdoor sweeping jobs are possible. These powerful drives give excellent climbing ability – to be precise, 18 % battery versions. These machines are capable of long run times. Run times are up to 3 hours for the battery version and 10 hours for the LPG version.

  • Designed with large industrial jobs in mind, the 10X is equipped with the largest sweep path in its class. Perfect for airports, amusement parks, parking garages, etc.