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Westward Industries® electric specialty utility vehicles are perfectly suited and wildly versatile. They are ready to be put to work and excel in any military base, local, township, or federal complex. With a multitude of flexible configurations for facilities maintenance, heavy equipment hauling, towing, and personnel transportation, Westward is the just the ticket that is also available via major state contracts. We’re always very proud to be granted the opportunity to support our nation’s government and armed forces we also understand that you simply need a solution that is reliable and comes in at or under your budget. Whether you’re charged with managing transportation, maintenance or operations, we’ve got you covered.

Governmental organizations and townships use utility vehicles for various purposes, depending on their needs and local regulations. Here are just a handful of applications they’re used for:

  • Public Services: Townships often employ utility vehicles for tasks such as road maintenance, snow removal, and landscaping. These vehicles help maintain public infrastructure efficiently.
  • Emergency Response: Utility vehicles, like fire trucks and ambulances, play a crucial role in emergency services. They allow emergency services to respond quickly to fires, medical emergencies, and other incidents or, at least, provide additional support to the main crews. Even in the worst traffic conditions, their narrow footprint allow the operators to remain quite nimble!
  • Law Enforcement: Some law enforcement organizations use utility vehicles for patrolling parks, trails, and other public areas. They provide unmatched mobility and visibility to law enforcement officers, especially in densely-populated cities & townships.
  • Parks and Recreation: Utility vehicles are used for maintaining parks, transporting equipment, and assisting with those wonderful local events. They help the team maintain recreational areas and ensuring they remain safe and accessible for everyone.
  • Inspections and Code Enforcement: Local officials use utility vehicles to inspect properties, enforce parking and zoning regulations, and address code violations.
  • Transporting Personnel & Materials: Utility vehicles facilitate transportation of personnel, tools, and supplies within the township, especially in rural or large areas.
Westward Government Electric EV Specialty Utility Vehicles BortekPWX

Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming much more prevalent in the automotive industry with their claims to being an eco-friendly technology while also operating at with the desired high performance. Matter of fact, when powered by renewable energy, can be virtually carbon-neutral. Some folks love the idea, others hate it or just don’t want it forced upon them, but to be frank, they’re here to stay and having choice is a win/win! That said, there are still a handful of gasoline-engine-powered options in case that’s what you really need to work with. Let’s explore the core components that make EVs stand out:

  • Electric Motors: Electric motors are the linchpin of an EV, replacing the standard internal combustion engine found in conventional vehicles. There are two main types of motors used in EVs: AC and DC (Alternating/Direct Current) motors. These motors efficiently convert electrical energy to mechanical power, propelling the vehicle forward. They are silent and require less maintenance than gasoline engines. They also provide access to immediate power. You floor it, boy do you GO(4).
  • Power Electronics Controller: This component regulates the electrical energy supplied to the motor. It takes power from the battery and manages the motor’s speed and torque through a process called pulse-width modulation. This regulation ensures optimal energy use and extends the vehicle’s driving range.
  • Battery Pack: The single biggest, heaviest, and most expensive component in an EV is its battery pack. It stores electric power and provides energy to the motor. Battery technology continues to evolve, improving energy density and driving range. The science and chemistry behind batteries has, and continues to leap ahead year over year, partially thanks to global attention on EV’s, making battery packs far more reliable while turning them into a practical alternative to traditional gasoline vehicles.
  • Regenerative Braking System: The EVs that are equipped with this system use braking power to recover energy during braking. When the driver applies the brakes, the motor acts as a generator, converting the otherwise wasted kinetic energy back into electrical energy and storing it in the battery. This feature enhances efficiency and extends range. Low battery? Look for hill you can go down!
  • Thermal Management System: EVs have sophisticated thermal management systems to maintain optimal battery temperature. Maintaining a healthy temperature for your batteries helps you mitigate the risk to premature battery degradation while also ensuring the expected performance.
  • Westward Government Electric EV Specialty Utility Vehicles BortekPWX
  • Fuel: In comparison to EV’s, gasoline-powered vehicles, in many cases, cost up to double to fuel, annually. As for the fuel, there are some minor battery health best-practices to be aware of to ensure your battery degradation remains as minimal as the battery chemistry allows, but it really just comes down to throwing it on a charger when needed and seeing the annual savings quickly add up.
  • Charging: Westward’s EVs can be charged at the shop using the included chargers. Same mindset as charging a phone. The charger included with the likes of the MAX-EV should look very familiar if you’re in the know of EV’s. If not, all you need to know is that you can charge your electric utility vehicle using the included wall-charger AND any standard EV charging station using J1772 chargers so you’re well-covered the the point you can all but eliminate any range-anxiety.
  • Maintenance: One of the more attractive portions of working with an EV over internal combustion vehicles is the cost of maintenance being so much more attractive. The very nature of IC vehicles ensure thousands of wear items and fluids must be accounted for as well as the ever unstable cost of the fuel to operate them. EV’s have but a handful of considerations, with the most common being tire replacement. The claim is because the weight is higher than traditional IC vehicles, but that’s a relatively weak argument when you throw in practical variables like operator/passenger weights and driver habits. Tire replacement frequency can vary, sometimes wildly, depending on your propensity to consistently floor the woohoo pedal for that little jolt of adrenaline. We don’t judge, seriously, we get it! But aside from tires, there is little else to deal with, making these vehicles an attractive option.

Westward Industries’ brilliantly-designed, low-speed vehicles are specialized vehicles for use as local police, patrol, and general utility applications. Excellent for law enforcement, parking areas, campus security, universities, construction sites, sporting venues, farms and ranches, and more! Learn more about Westward’s full history & catalog here! Westward’s Electric low-speed licensable vehicles and utility vehicles are also environmentally friendly, producing zero emissions, and fuel and maintenance cost-saving by their very nature.

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