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Fully Electric Street Sweepers ⚡ Now Available

Cut fuel costs, emissions, and air pollution with one of these 100% Electric Street Sweepers. Without sacrificing performance, electric street sweepers finally allow you to cleanly clean – sweep the road without dirtying the air with pollutants. Their impressively quiet operation also comes as a nice bonus!

You can now clean your streets with a high-performance, heavy-duty sweeping system, affordable, reliable (with cutting-edge innovative technology) – do it all while producing ZERO EMISSIONS. Incredible feat of engineering and drive! Electric Equipment is growing in popularity for a multitude of reasons. Cost savings being among the top reasons to make the switch. No longer will you rely on the, at times, wildly swinging prices of fuel. This is an immediate saving too!

Other benefits you’ll see with electric equipment are generally decreased maintenance costs, large reduction in greenhouse gases through pollution (as opposed to the industry standard of diesel-powered street sweepers), and an added benefit, especially when passing through city streets or residential areas, is that these electric versions of their brethren operate quieter. Always a plus for passersby and operators, alike.

Dulevo DZero2 Electric Mini Sweeper- Environmentally Friendly- No Emissions
Dulevo D.Zero2 — 100% Plug-In Electric, Compact


Dulevo’s first electric street sweeper has zero emissions of CO2, zero harmful gases, and zero dust re-introduced into the environment. And, its maneuverability and compact size allow it to sweep even narrow and crowded areas. 100% electric, 100% performance: The Dulevo D.zero² is a marvel of engineering. Unbelievable performance, fully-electric, and incredibly comfortable with all the quality, incredibly useful sweeping features you’ve come to expect from Dulevo. This is how you get the job done right.

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