Regenerative Air Street Sweepers

Regenerative Air Street Sweepers use side gutter brooms to direct dirt and debris under the vehicle, but that’s where the similarities to mechanical sweepers end. The primary collection mechanism of a regenerative air sweeper is the wide pick-up hood on its underside, which uses a sealed loop of air to continuously blast and dislodge dirt from the road, then immediately vacuum it up to be separated and contained in the hopper. This allows for a wider cleaning path, more thorough collection of dust, and better containment of dust than is possible with a mechanical sweeper.

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  • The Global R3Air Street Sweeper provides superior sweeping with its 32″ suction fan and 72″ wide pick up head! It can pick up heavy debris as well as light debris. With the center mounted cab/forward layout, the operator has visibility of the road surface as well as pedestrians and surrounding traffic. The 116-inch wheel-base allows for the sweeper to reach a turning radius of 12 1/2 feet, wall-to-wall. With the pickup head in the center, there is no need to worry about what is happening behind you.

  • From the Global R4’s modern, comfortable and well appointed operator’s cab, to the toughest and most rugged Regenerative-Air Type sweeping system ever built, the Global R4AIR is designed to take on the worst of the worst sweeping conditions. The performance matched 32” Suction Fan and 72” Wide Pick-Up Head provide superior sweeping of all heavy debris quickly and efficiently. The purpose-built chassis is based on four decades of experience designing the most effective, and safe, street sweepers in the industry.