Hydro Jetters

Harben hydro jetters are incredibly reliable and they both perform where it counts. These highly-customizable trailer & truck-mounted jetters are proudly manufactured in the USA, and are backed up with decades of sewer and sanitary system maintenance experience.

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  • Super Products SuperJet Truck-Mounted Sewer Jetters blast debris to clear blockages and maintain sewer lines with the industry’s strongest and smoothest single piston water pump when vacuuming extraction is not required.

  • As with all Harben® units the heart of the jetter is the unique radial piston diaphragm pump, capable of performances up to 10,000 psi and 35 gpm. Most of the electric units come on skids, A-Frames and dollies. We can also supply a customized electric jetter to suit your needs.

  • The Harben® ‘Enclosed’ range of jetters is very versatile and can be supplied in varying forms depending on the enclosure type and the vehicle. All enclosures incorporate the Harben® ‘P’ type pump, producing up to 4,000 psi and up to 18 gpm, which will efficiently clean drains from 1” to 18” in diameter. Enclosures include box trucks, cargo vans and Wells Fargo trailers, just to name a few. We can provide you with either a single skid or up to four separate skids to outfit an enclosure, depending on your needs.

  • The Harben E-180 trailer is very popular in the jetting industry– for municipalities, private companies, and contractors alike! And it’s well-deserved. This piece of engineering genius is not only cost-effective, it’s reliable, user-friendly, and can be mounted to a compatible trailer of your choice. It’s Harben’s bestselling trailer jetter, and is perfectly suitable for cleaning drains from 1” to 18” in diameter.

  • Similar to the Harben® ‘Enclosed’ range of jetters, our ‘Skid’ type jetting equipment is very versatile and is designed to suit your needs and the application.

  • Harben’s truck jetters can utilize any of the three Harben Pumps they manufacture including the ‘P’, ‘Hi-Q’ and Century type providing flows from 12 gpm to 35 gpm and pressures from 1,000 psi to 10,000 psi. Please see ‘Harben® Pumps’ for the full specification. Water capacities are determined by the chassis used but 600 to 700 gallons are the average. These Truck-Mounted jetters are very versatile and we offer a wide range of options that will allow you to tackle any drain job you come across.

  • The Harben Van Pack range of jetters is very versatile and can be supplied in varying forms depending on the enclosure type and the vehicle.