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Street Parking Enforcement Specialty Vehicles

Specialized vehicles to maximize safety & efficiency.

Bortek Westward Parking Enforcement Specialty VehiclesParking enforcement includes any activity that’s executed by authrorized personnel to protect, maintain, and ensure regulations are followed in designated parking areas. In summary, this keeps folks honest when it comes to parking their vehicles which ensures parking areas are safe, spots are available, payment is being processed all while avoiding any disruption or inconvenience to traffic or folks that may be in the area. These items can be effectively achieved when you and your team is equipped with the proper tools to do just that. When a police department adds these vehicles to their fleet, they also gain the flexibility of increasing their effective maneuverability when conducting law enforcement operations.

Time, Manpower, Cost, & Efficiency.

Westward Go-4 Parking Enforcement Specialty Vehicles Comparison

What we can get done in a day, how many people we need, how much it’s going to cost, and ways to best streamline the process — These base items to consider are applicable to most any industry. In the world of parking enforcement, you have some options. When it comes to street parking, it can be relatively simply enforced by a single person. The challenge comes into play when there are a multitude of blocks someone is responsible for. Between the distance to travel, parking meters to check, and citations to issue, it’s an absolute must to equip parking enforcement officers with the proper tools. This includes considering everything from their uniform, radios, citation distribution methods (Digital LPR, booklet/pens, etc.), defensive items, on down to any required vehicles needed for the job. All of these items can severely impact the officer’s efficiency in the role.

Bortek Westward Go-4 Parking Enforcement Specialty VehiclesThe two most impactful items for Parking Enforcement Officers include LPR (License Plate Reader) Technology and Specialty Vehicles. LPR devices are paired with digital parking meter systems and allow for officers to scan license plates as they patrol their area of responsibility. These will check to see if the registration is currently paid up. If they’re not, the officer prints out or writes up a citation for the vehicle in question and moves along to the next. Pair this system with a purpose-built Westward Go-4 parking enforcement vehicle, and you can see how much quicker the process can go. While coasting slowly past 15 cars in a line, scanning each one as you go you can cover far more ground in comparison to the traditional method of walking up to each meter, squinting to see how much time is left on the meter, and moving on to the next area. The beauty of the Westward Go-4 and the Westward Max-EV 3 specialty vehicles is they have such a narrow footprint, they can be navigate through traffic and complete the job without causing any additional obstructions in the flow of traffic.

By Design | Westward Go-4 Parking Enforcement Vehicle

Westward Go-4 Parking Enforcement VehicleThis vehicle was designed to New York’s specifications in 1990 specifically for the safe operation throughout their commonly congested streets. For over 30 years, these purpose-built parking enforcement have been in use in New York City and across the US in major metropolitan areas. The GO-4 is specifically designed for the needs of parking management and enforcement. With center operator seating and easy curb access from both sides, safely navigate congested areas. Built with a super tough 2.5-inch steel roll bar chassis, available in EV or fuel. Increase your operator’s efficiency with the right tool. An added benefit includes on-board, securable storage space for things like traffic cones, flares, repair kits, or other safety or tactical gear (or snacks, we won’t judge).

Good Things Come in Threes | Westward MAX-EV 3

Westward MAX-EV 3 parking enforcement vehicleThe Max-EV 3 is a three-wheeled parking enforcement vehicle. Similar to the purpose of the Go-4, the Westward Max-EV 3 provides the added benefit of allowing for two passengers at a time, larger cargo and storage options, and optional hinged doors, heat, AC, ALPR, and backup sensors. Compact, nimble, and built tough with a 2.5 steel rollbar chassis, the Max-EV 3 is a perfect addition to any metropolitan department or outdoor venue. A fully-electric vehicle with flexible charging options, you reap all their respective benefits, flexibility, and versatility while you efficiently complete your parking enforcement duties, even while working your way through tight quarters and backed up traffic.

Specialty Vehicles for Diverse Operations | Westward Vehicles

Westward Industries’ brilliantly-designed, low-speed vehicles are specialized vehicles for use as local police, patrol, and general utility applications. Excellent for law enforcement, parking areas, campus security, universities, construction sites, sporting venues, farms and ranches, and more! Westward’s Electric low-speed licensable vehicles and utility vehicles are also environmentally friendly, producing zero emissions, and fuel and maintenance cost-saving by their very nature.

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