Proteus Control Unit

These unique tools allow operators to inspect sewers & pipelines and identify areas of those lines that may require maintenance. Build an impressive tool kit with Proteus Cameras, Crawlers, Reels, Controls, & Accessories to ensure your team is set up for success. Not sure where to start? Have any questions? Your Bortek PWX experts are here to help.

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  • Upgrade your sewer inspection van into a custom, Proteus-equipped Mobile HQ. Outfitted with the latest sewer crawler, camera, reel, and tools, pipeline inspection will be a breath of fresh air (almost).

  • FUNCTIONALITY AT YOUR FINGERTIPS Feature rich, Proteus’ CCU208 control unit has twin integral joysticks for camera control and crawler maneuverability, and an ergonomic soft-touch keypad. User friendly multi-function hot keys control an intuitive on-screen display, to enable quick and accurate navigation of the numerous features which all come standard on the brain of the Proteus […]Read More