Combination Vac-Assisted Street Sweepers

Our selection of Vacuum-Assisted Street Sweepers clean using a mechanical sweeping method of directing dirt and debris under the vehicle with side gutter brooms, then flinging it onto an elevator for collection with a cylindrical main broom. However, this traditional method is expanded upon by a vacuum which helps pull the debris into the hopper and through its fine particle filtration system. It’s the physical force of mechanical sweeping combined with the dust-containment of a vacuum.

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  • Innovative design, robust constructions, effective solutions for applications, and the unique waste hopper makes the 3000 Revolution one of the best in its class.

  • The New Dulevo D3, the new generation of the incredible Dulevo 3000 Revolution, delivers a new sweeping experience.

  • The New Dulevo D6, the new generation of the incredible Dulevo 6000, brings the latest in heavy-duty street sweeping.

  • The Dulevo 6000 Revolution Street Sweeper in a nutshell is known for its innovative design, robust construction, effective solutions for applications, and the large, unique waste hopper. This street and parking lot sweeper is the definition of cleaning perfection regardless of extreme temperatures, snow, rain, or shine. It will get the job done. Next to the typical operating spectrum of cleaning roads and parking lots, the 6000 is the solution while enlarging the spectrum of surface cleaning into all environments. The 6000, whether it be for municipal use, cement and steel foundries, industrial, power plants, or use at an airport, is perfectly suitable for hard to reach areas due to its compact dimensions and the unique maneuverability.