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  • The Dulevo 850 Mini Sweeper is anything but. With its 63 inch sweep path, this is the perfect sweeper to tackle bike lanes, alley ways, side walks, parking garages, or smaller, hard to reach areas in foundries or town squares. Even better, it filters dust to an extreme degree so you won’t be blowing that stuff all over while you sweep. Enjoy incredible performance, operator comfort, and versatility with this Dulevo 850 Mini Sweeper.

  • Innovative design, robust constructions, effective solutions for applications, and the unique waste hopper makes the 3000 Revolution one of the best in its class.

  • The New Dulevo D3, the new generation of the incredible Dulevo 3000 Revolution, delivers a new sweeping experience.

  • The New Dulevo D6, the new generation of the incredible Dulevo 6000, brings the latest in heavy-duty street sweeping.

  • The Dulevo 6000 Revolution Street Sweeper in a nutshell is known for its innovative design, robust construction, effective solutions¬†for applications, and the large, unique waste hopper. This street and parking lot sweeper is the definition of cleaning perfection regardless¬†of extreme temperatures, snow, rain, or shine. It will get the¬†job done.¬†Next to the typical operating spectrum of cleaning roads and¬†parking lots, the 6000 is the solution while enlarging the¬†spectrum of surface cleaning into all environments. The 6000, whether it¬†be for municipal use, cement and steel foundries, industrial, power¬†plants, or use at an airport, is perfectly suitable for¬†hard to reach areas due to its compact dimensions and the¬†unique maneuverability.

  • The Global M3 Street Sweeper counts itself among the toughest and most effective 3-wheeled sweepers in the industry! The Global M3/MX3 is purpose-built and designed with reliability, superior¬†safety, low maintenance, intuitive¬†operation, and lowest operating cost per swept mile in mind. The GLOBAL M3 offers unique and extraordinary¬†features that cannot be found in any other 3-wheeled sweeper. To name a few, this includes an amazing 12.5 foot turning radius, low center of gravity, exceptional visibility, and the largest hopper capacity in it’s class.

  • Throw the worst of cleaning conditions at this street sweeper, and it will get the job done. The M4 can sweep up to 14 mph and travel at speeds of up to 65 mph. As with every Global Street Sweeper, the M4 is a beast and promises results at every turn. With the maximum safety layout of the cab, the operator will always be aware of their surroundings and take advantage of the incredible cleaning power of the Global M4.

  • Global Environmental Products have achieved their vision of street sweepers with the Global M3 SuperCharged three-wheeled Street Sweeper. You can now clean your streets with a high-performance, heavy-duty sweeping system, affordable, reliable (with cutting-edge innovative technology) – do it all while producing ZERO EMISSIONS. Incredible feat of engineering and drive!

  • The Global M4 is considered one of the toughest street sweepers in the industry. Purpose-build design with safety and low operating costs headlining this machines main features. You can now clean your streets with a high-performance, heavy-duty sweeping system, affordable, reliable (with cutting-edge innovative technology) – do it all while producing ZERO EMISSIONS. The Global M4 Supercharged is an incredible feat of engineering and drive!

  • The Global M4HSD Street Sweeper is designed for heavy duty sweeping such as construction clean up, state highway sweeping, and road resurfacing. This machine can sweep sand and gravel up to 3 tons per minute! It has a 130″ wheelbase allowing for a 18’6″ turning radius. Its high visibility allows the operator to see both gutter brooms without having to adjust the seat or mirrors. The Global M4HSD also offers easy access to the engine, pumps, and all hydraulic components.

  • Get ready for a highly efficient and heavy duty vacuum sweeper! The fine dust emission from a Global V4 Vacuum Air Street Sweeper is 50% less than that of purely suction concepts. No dirty air is expelled into the working area at the rear and around the sweeping machine. Additional street cleaning is achieved by adding water to the recycled air. In winter the VIAJET can operate in temperatures as low as 23 ¬įF, due to the circulating air in the system being warmed to about 59 ¬įF, thus preventing the water in the suction shaft and hopper from freezing.

  • The Global Viajet 6 Street Sweeper comes with an air recycling system that constantly recirculates air from the sweeper into the suction box. Depending on the scenario, the recycled air volume can be adjusted with a lever between 30% to 70%. It also comes with an inclined suction fan that provides exceptional volume flow and improved suction power. ¬†The twin tank solution can hold up to 500 gallons of water with the primary tank on the sub frame and the secondary tank between the fan and the cab.