Dulevo 850 Mini Sweeper

The combination of effective sweeping capabilities with a complete ease of maneuverability makes this mini sweeper one of the best cleaning solutions.


Thanks to its sweeping width of up to 63 inches, this powerful suction sweeper can cover over 72,000 square feet per hour and is backed with an impressive performance rating. The Dulevo 850 Mini Sweeper is one of the best cleaning solutions. This is due to the combination of effective sweeping capabilities with a complete ease of maneuverability. You’ll be thankful to have the Dulevo 850 when maneuvering through city centers and areas difficult to reach by traditional sweepers such as sidewalks, parking garages, entry ways, pedestrian areas, warehouses, gardens etc. The wet sweeping capabilities only adds to this machines usage. Dust control has never been easier with this machine or any of the Dulevo’s. Don’t let the “mini” sweeper name fool you, this machine’s got it all!

The power of the 4-cylinder Kubota engine allows the suction sweeper to reach speeds of over 18MPH. Also, this machine approaches 25% gradient (find out more about the benefits of Kubota engines in the download tab). The rate of speed is self explanatory, which with this machine will zip around with ease. As for the gradient, just to give you an idea of what to compare that to, most states do not allow for slopes and gradients of sidewalks to exceed 5%.

The 850’s exclusive central articulated joint system allows this suction sweeper to make sharp turns, have minimal moving parts, and maximize its maneuverability, even when fully loaded and travelling along steep gradients, thus ensuring extremely high levels of safety and comfort for the operator.

One of Dulevo’s signature trademarks is also operator comfort. The suction sweeper on the Dulevo 850 is specially designed so that it works smoothly on uneven surfaces. Perfectly in line with the other Dulevo sweepers, maximum attention to detail is integrated into the cabin. It’s extremely comfortable and accessible, equipped with ergonomic and user-friendly controls.

Furthermore, the Dulevo 850 combines its great sweeping abilities with its reduced dimensions to reach its maximum potential. This suction sweeper features a high-dump hopper, allowing the operator to dump the picked up refuse into your every day dumpster. The suction sweeper greatly minimizes time spent emptying the hopper and improves the cleanliness of the areas that it’s used in.

For maximum cleaning potential, effectiveness, and efficiency, choose Dulevo’s 850 Mini suction sweeper. The compact and maneuverable machine that packs a punch.

Dulevo 850 Mini Sweeper Features:

  • 54-76 inch Sweeping Path- The side brushes on the front of the machine can slide back and forth to accommodate your sweeping width needs.
  • Waste Hopper Capacity- 1.5 cubic yards (303 gallons)
  • Hopper Material- Stainless Steel
  • Maximum Speed- 18.7 MPH

Other Details:

  • Liquid cooling system.
  • Min. Weight: 4,078 lbs.
  • Length: 133.85 inches (11.15 ft.)
  • Width: 43.3 inches (3.6 ft.)
  • Height: 82 inches (6.8 ft.)

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