Westward MAX-EV LSV

Electric-powered utility vehicles have ushered in a new era of efficiency and eco-conscious mobility. Among these innovations, Westward Vehicles MAX-EV electric LSV (low-speed vehicle), 2 and 4-seater stands as a remarkable embodiment of modern utility. Renowned for its prowess as the best electric LSV, this two or four-seater marvel seamlessly fuses practicality and sustainability. This model can come equipped with on-road LSV requirements, or as an off-road vehicle (ORV/UTV).



Westward Vehicles MAX-EV electric LSV’s cutting-edge design encompasses robust front and rear axles, ensuring superior stability, great ground clearance, and maneuverability, while the tough front and rear steel wheels easily propel it across diverse terrains. The rear wheels, in particular, play a crucial role in enhancing traction and control, making this best electric LSV/UTV a versatile and dependable companion for a wide array of tasks and adventures. Electric LSV/UTVs are also environmentally friendly, producing zero emissions.



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    25 mph

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  • *Exact specs may change without notice, or vary based on optional add-ons and features.



  • Electric drivetrain—with permanent magnetic advanced motor
  • Standard long-lasting lithium-ion batteries, 6KW to 20KW options
  • 5-foot flat deck with clamping walls and ladder rack
  • Two or four passenger set up for flexible applications
  • Optional right-hand drive
  • Street-legal
  • Bortek Utility Vehicle Construction


    Lithium-Ion Electric utility vehicles

    Navigate through soft, rough, and small construction and industrial sites with the MAX-EV. This reliable option for moving equipment and waste is an excellent compact alternative to any other transporter with minimum ground pressure.

    The narrow-bodied vehicle can be customized to haul unwanted debris and become a service bay on the go with specific applications and customization. Almost any equipment can be implemented in the adaptable unit, such as major equipment used to apply pesticides for vector control. Comfort accessories also play a part in Westward Vehicle’s, and even a heater can be added.

    Additional Strengths
  • 1,000-lb total payload (Optional 1500lbs)
  • Automotive-grade brakes & suspension
  • Powder coated Steel Rollbar Chassis
  • Heavy-work focus durability
  • Zero emission work horse
  • Optional Tilting Deck
  • Construction Site Uses:
  • Limited access/narrow paths
  • Confined areas with small maneuver space
  • Indoor loads or those with CO2 limitations
  • Industrial Uses:
  • Vector Control
  • Street Painting
  • Street Cleaning
  • Bortek Utility Vehicle Government Colleges & Universities


    Electric utility vehicles

    MAX-EV for electric utility vehicles for governments and municipalities is the solution to reach sustainability goals and transition the facilities to a cleaner alternative. This versatile LSV (low-speed vehicle) needs little maintenance, typically recharges in 4-6 hours, and rides smoothly and quietly. The vehicle is an asset to Universities looking to save on fuel costs, and increase efficiency by using a compact vehicle with all a large variety of task-specific accessories available. The MAX-EV is built tough with a 2.5 inch steel tubular powder-coated chassis, automotive-grade components, and built-in North America.

    With every incoming support call, we try to learn from any diagnostic and place forward a practice of continuous improvement. Our newer MAX-EV vehicle line has already had impressive launches for both city and University campuses. The University of North Carolina was so impressed by the build quality of their first units that they immediately worked towards purchasing nearly 40 additional units to support the grounds crew around their beautiful and expansive campus. We are proud to serve these hard-working fleets. Westward is also currently listed on the Sourcewell.

    Bortek Utility Vehicle Offroading


    Electric utility vehicles

    The MAX-EV electric 4×4 utility vehicle offers fleets the ability to have a zero-emission compact electric work truck that can handle any light or medium off-road conditions. Snow, loose gravel or soil, inclines, are all easily handled by this 4×4. Add a snow plow, climb steep grade, or travel across loose terrain with increased confidence.

    Available for on-road or off-road use (ORV or LSV). The MAX-EV electric 4×4 will be a dual motor configuration with all the standard MAX-EV features. As more cities, universities, and fleets in general move towards a greener more sustainable future, consider the MAX-EV electric 4×4 as an ideal alternative versus traditional fuel-burning platforms. Why use a large truck when a more efficient compact version is available? Option a van box, ladder rack, or large tool box, as needed for your work fleet.

    MAX-EV for Farming is an asset for staff and owners needing to increase worker productivity and safety by easily moving smaller supplies around the property. The MAX-EV is built tough with a 2.5 in steel tubular powder-coated chassis. MAX-EV has the potential to improve agricultural practices and how owners manage their lands.



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    25 mph

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