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  • Dulevo’s first electric street sweeper has zero emissions of CO2, zero harmful gases, and zero dust re-introduced into the environment. And, its maneuverability and compact size allow it to sweep even narrow and crowded areas. 100% electric, 100% performance: The Dulevo D.zero² is a marvel of engineering. Unbelievable performance, fully-electric, and incredibly comfortable with all the quality, incredibly useful sweeping features you’ve come to expect from Dulevo. This is how you get the job done right.

  • The Apex 58 gives you the option of LPG or battery power. As a result, all types of indoor and outdoor sweeping jobs are possible. These powerful drives give excellent climbing ability – to be precise, 18 % battery versions. These machines are capable of long run times. Run times are up to 3 hours for the battery version and 10 hours for the LPG version.

  • Save time and labor costs by streamlining the way you clean. The PowerBoss Collector 34 Sweeper delivers high sweeping performance and capacity, due to its large main broom and hopper size. An overthrow sweeping system allows the hopper to achieve 100% capacity, giving you the ability to clean longer between dumping. Plus, the dirt is collected into two hoppers for more comfortable emptying.

  • The right vehicle for the job, the Westward GO-4 is the ultimate task-specific vehicle on the market designed specifically for parking enforcement.

  • The Westward GO-4 is a tried-and-true platform, made even more versatile by making a handful of tweaks to the design, thus creating the GO-4 XTF Extended Flat Deck Utility Vehicle.

  • The Westward MAX-EV 3 is a perfect fit when looking to acquire a vehicle for parking management and enforcement or any on-road light duty transport. Twin passenger with optional right hand. Compact, nimble, and built tough with a 2.5 steel roll bar chassis. Excellent stability with two wheels up front and one wheel in the back.

  • The Westward MAX-EV 4 is a multi-passenger electric work truck! For fleets needing a robust vehicle for compact or congested areas. Westward is proud to offer this new super tough multi-passenger unit.

  • Electric-powered utility vehicles have ushered in a new era of efficiency and eco-conscious mobility. Among these innovations, Westward Vehicles MAX-EV electric LSV (low-speed vehicle), 2 and 4-seater stands as a remarkable embodiment of modern utility. Renowned for its prowess as the best electric LSV, this two or four-seater marvel seamlessly fuses practicality and sustainability. This model can come equipped with on-road LSV requirements, or as an off-road vehicle (ORV/UTV).

  • The Westward MAX-EV ORV helps organizations increase worker productivity and safety by easily moving smaller supplies around the campus. The MAX-EV ORV is built tough with a 2.5 in steel tubular powder-coated chassis and comes with a plethora of accessories and upgrades.