PowerBoss Atlas Sweeper

A popular model that delivers reliable, cost-effective performance in a maneuverable and compact package. This machine can be used both indoor and outdoor for a number of applications.


The PowerBoss Atlas delivers reliable, cost-effective performance in a maneuverable and compact package. This 64″ industrial sweeper can be used indoors and outdoors in parking lots, universities, hospitals, hotels, resorts, manufacturing facilities, distribution centers and more. Using the latest, most fuel efficient engines on the market, the Atlas comes with your choice of gas/lp or diesel powered option, giving you the versatility to choose the right power source for your application. With only 83 dba noise level, this quiet machine can be utilized with little disturbance to others. By utilizing a premium hydraulic system to raise and lower the main and side brooms, the Atlas’ system is designed to be more cost-effective and reliable over the life of the machine.

Adjust the main broom, side broom or dust filter easily. The side broom is also retractable, allowing the operator to swing it away from obstacles, prolonging the life of the brooms and the hydraulic motor. The operator can easily adjust the 48″ main broom to the maximum sweeping position. The console also has a wear indicator that tells the operator how much sweeping life is left before the broom needs changing.

The Atlas delivers ergonomic comfort for the driver, decreasing operator fatigue and lengthening run times. These features include a high back seat that is adjustable, power steering, comfortable pedal, and excellent maneuverability in tight areas. The Atlas comes complete with a Safety Vision Dumping System that allows the operator to safely empty the hopper. The four-stage dust filtration system keeps the air cleaner and ensures dust-free sweeping. The large tires and PowerClimb feature allow the Atlas to easily maneuver over speed bumps, curbs and rough terrain, which gives you the ground clearance you need to sweep medians and sidewalks without damaging the machine. Add the optional dual side brooms, to increase the sweeping path to 78″. Clean faster and quieter with the PowerBoss Atlas.

PowerBoss Atlas Sweeper Features:

  • Multiple power options
  • Quiet Operation
  • Premium Hydraulics System
  • Ergonomic Operation
  • Reliable, cost-effective performance

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