PowerBoss makes some of the highest quality industrial cleaning equipment on the market. American-made in Chicago, their equipment is manufactured with reliable, high-performance parts, and innovative overall design. Even the distinctive orange appearance isn’t just for show – it’s a safety feature for visibility.


PowerBoss machines are designed with ease-of-use in mind. These sweepers and scrubbers are simple to operate, with well-labeled and intuitive controls. Even cooler – they’re a breeze to work with under the hood as well. Any component you could wish to get at is easily accessible behind tool-free panels. Some models, like the Armadillo, even feature swing-out engines.

PowerBoss Nautilus Scrubber Accessible Parts


Many new PowerBoss scrubbers can save you 50% of your water and chemical usage with Aqua-Stop. This new design keeps the water and cleaning chemical in the brush deck where it’s needed, eliminating the waste of fluid that occurs in most ordinary floor scrubber designs.

Thermal Green Technology

Available on Nautilus sweeper-scrubbers, Thermal Green Technology (TGT) makes use of the heat already created by running the machine in order to heat the chemical solution for improved effectiveness. It’s an efficient and effective way to make cleaning even easier and decrease the amount of detergents required. Read more!

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