PowerBoss Armadillo 6X Floor Sweeper

This machine is built for years of consistent and reliable service through the strong chassis and powerful drive-train system.


Available in LP, diesel, and gas models, the PowerBoss Armadillo 6X floor sweeper is a compact ride-on sweeper designed for heavy-duty industrial use. With a 53″ sweep path, a 90-90 turning radius and directly steered front wheel drive, the Armadillo 6X is extremely maneuverable and easily operates in the narrowest of isles.

Built with a strong chassis and powerful drive-train system, the Armadillo 6X will provide years of consistent and reliable service. The 10 cubic foot high-dump hopper can easily be emptied at multi-levels, depending on the needs of the operator. The ergonomic design yields a comfortable ride with high visibility and power steering. For dust-free sweeping, the Armadillo 6X comes with a dual-phase dust filtration system. With its oversized tires and extra ground clearance, the Armadillo 6X can easily negotiate rough terrain and speed bumps, as well as climb sidewalk curbs. Built for longevity, the Armadillo 6X meets the most rigorous cleaning requirements.

PowerBoss Armadillo 6X Features:

  • Multiple power options
  • Industrial drive-train system
  • 10 cubic foot high-dump hopper
  • Ergonomic Operation
  • 53″ sweeping path
  • Reliable, cost-effective performance
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