Virginia Municipal & Public Works Equipment

Specialized heavy duty equipment to best serve VA and its citizens.

We are proud to bring our products & support to the wonderful people in the Northern reaches of Virginia, to include (but not necessarily limited to) Prince William, Loudoun, Stafford, Spotsylvania, Albemarle, Frederick, Rockingham, Augusta, Fauquier, Culpeper, Shenandoah, Warren, Orange, King George, Page, Rockbridge, Greene, Clarke, Rappahannock, Highland counties. We will be extending our selection of Dulevo Street, Gypsum Plant, & Bike Lane Sweepers, Hako Multi-Purpose Tractors, Harben Sewer Line Jetters, Sewer Inspection Camera Systems, Schwarze Single-Engine Street Sweepers, Super Products Sewer Jet/Vac Trucks & Hydro Excavators, and USB-USA sewer jetting nozzles. To make things simple for governmental purchasing, we have many machines on the Virginia Sheriff’s Association Contract along with our sister company, Carolina Industrial Equipment, LLC.

Roads, Highway Street Sweeping

Virginia Highway Interstate Construction and SweepingSchwarze A7 Single Engine Virginia Highway Interstate Construction and Street SweepingVirginia is known for many things but one of the first things one should know is that Virginia is responsible for the third largest state-maintained highway system in the country. This amounts to almost 58,000 miles! That’s a lot of open roadway to handle! Between the scenic drives of western VA and the interstate chaos of I-95, it’s certainly a tall order. Equipment that effectively helps manage and improve the overall efficiency of road milling and construction is paramount to keep interstate commerce flowing and traffic as manageable as possible. This is where the likes of Schwarze Single-Engine Street Sweepers & Super Products Sewer Jet/Vac Trucks & Hydro Excavators come into play. Powerful, reliable, American-Made equipment that you can trust to perform when you need them to while being backed by extensive parts & service support, when you need it.

Bike lanes are becoming more and more prevalent as the benefits of implementing them become more apparent. That said, maintaining them is sometimes a struggle. They don’t have to be! The same equipment that works amazingly well for college and university campuses perfectly slip into the spaces that bicycles are meant to cruise through. These, of course, are our Dulevo D.Zero Electric Sweeper and Dulevo 850 Mini sweeper. Both are unbelievably efficient and easy to operate. They make short work of cleaning a stretch of bike lanes or alleys that traditional street sweepers simply can’t reach.

Virginia Sewers & Utility Maintenance & Construction

Virginia Sewer Cleaning and Maintenance Municipal Utility ExcavationSuper Products Jet Vac Trucks- Sewer Jetting Bortek PWXMost every city in Virginia has hundreds of miles of hidden services to maintain for the public– the sewer system. Both Sanitary and Storm Sewers (MS4) play a crucial role in our society. They can be easily forgotten until they’re a problem. That said, when they’re a problem… look out. That’s why it’s crucial that there’s always an efficient and effective sewer cleaning and maintenance program in place. Not only do they handle waste and stormwater, they also are a revenue-generating system for the city. So why does Virginia need to prioritize sewers? A repeat offender appears to be Richmond’s governing body deciding to strip out a massive amount of funding required to upgrade its 100-year-old sewer system that filters both stormwater and sewage through the same set of pipes. The way it is currently, any blockages or heavy rains forces raw, untreated sewage into the James River which, as we all know, has massive “downstream” effects on people outside of the Richmond area. A way to help mitigate this until it’s sorted is to ensure the sewers are clear of any and all blockages. This is done by sewer jetting. Sewer Jetters go section by section and insert a long hose with a heavy duty USB-USA jetting nozzle into the sewer line and clear each section using extremely high-pressure water. Clearing the lines like this are what ensure they continue to operate efficiently and minimizes any risks of backing up or overflowing into any of the surrounding area.

So how’s a city to manage hundreds of miles of these lines? That’s where Super Products absolutely shines. The likes of the Super Products Camel Jet/Vac Truck are absolute sewer cleaning workhorses that simply perform. In the sewer cleaning world, Super Products is simply unmatched. The operation, features, reliability, and post-purchase support is all tier-1 quality. Maximum uptime and performance is key with regards to sewer jetting. There’s a multitude of truck sizes to choose from, depending what you’re looking to accomplish. If you’re a smaller township, and you really don’t need a massive truck to handle a few miles of sewer lines, the option of something like the Camel 900 or even a small Harben E-180 may suffice. They may be a bit more limited but are still excellent options to effectively jet a sewer line.

Sewer lines are just a portion of the hidden services that need attention. In many areas of Virginia and around the country, buried utilities are simply a part of life. When any excavation is required to be performed in an area where a sewer, gas, water, or electrical line may be buried, extreme care must be taken to ensure they are not severed or damaged. This can be challenging as the traditional excavation methods of shovels, backhoes, and bulldozers pose serious danger to these crucial utilities. So what to do? A term you’re either very familiar with or not at all familiar with is hydro excavation, perfect application for the Super Products Camel or the Mud Dog hydro excavator. As the name hydro excavation implies, this is when you use extremely high-pressure water to dig up utilities. The high-pressue water slices up the earth and the large boom on the hydro excavator vacuums up the slurry, removing it from the dig site. This allows for non-invasive, safe, fast, and precise excavation. The beautiful thing about something like the Super Products Camel Jet/Vac Truck is it is a combination truck; meaning it can be used for both sewer jetting as well as hydro excavation. A versatile tool like this is a brilliant addition to any public works program.


Check out the latest in street sweeping from Schwarze and Dulevo. Whether you’re looking for regenerative air street sweepers, 100% Electric ones, effective silica dust control, mechanical or vac-assisted sweepers– from heavy-duty debris sweeping to sidewalk sweeping, we’ve got something to help you get the job done. Perfect for highways and even bike lanes!

Schwarze Regenerative Air Vacuum Mechanical Street Sweepers Bortek PWX

Multi-functional Machine

All in one! The Hako Citymaster series is capable of performing multiple outdoor jobs with a single machine, thanks to its four attachment interfaces. With attachments for street sweeping, snow plowing, lawn mowing, and more, the Hako Citymaster will get the job done every season of the year. Keep costs low by doing the work of multiple machines with just a single unit.



Clean storm drains, catch basins, sanitary and storm sewers, or perform water leak repair, emergency excavation, and sewer line bypass for sewer repair, relining, or replacement work. These powerful Jet/Vac Sewer Cleaning Vehicles from Super Products push industry standards and bring quality and convenience that won’t disappoint.

Super Products Hydro Excavators Sewer Jetters and Jet Vac Trucks Bortek PWX


Our hydro/vacuum excavators are perfect for municipalities and construction, utility, and drilling companies, in locating and excavating around buried pipelines and cables. Our line of powerful and user-friendly Super Products hydro excavators challenge industry standards and bring quality and convenience that won’t disappoint.

Super Products Hydro Excavators Sewer Jetters and Jet Vac Trucks Bortek PWX

Hydro Jetters

When a large Jet/Vac Truck might be a bit more than you need for the job at hand, Harben hydro jetters are incredibly reliable and they both perform where it counts. These highly-customizable trailer & truck/van-mounted jetters are proudly manufactured in the USA, and are backed up with decades of sewer and sanitary system maintenance experience.

Super Products Hydro Excavators Sewer Jetters and Jet Vac Trucks Bortek PWX

Sewer Jetting Nozzles

Power through the blockages, dirt, and grime with Nozzles that are of the highest quality and performance. Whether you’re handling hydro excavation work or jetting a line, get the job done right with the right tools. When you need to stock your trucks at the start of any season, look no further than this line. Take full advantage of your jetter’s power with these nozzles.