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Ring-O-Matic was founded as a general machining and manufacturing company, created out of the desire to solve problems faced in everyday work to make the job easier and more efficient. Known as the pioneer of Vacuum Excavation, Ring-O-Matic now manufactures a full line of industrial Vacuum Excavation machines, Vac Only machines, and Car Wash Pit Cleaners. With over 60 years of reliable equipment manufacturing and proven performance, Ring-O-Matic is committed to making the best vacuum excavation equipment and pit-cleaners in the world. Ring-O-Matic provides value along with superb service to their customers while continuing to earn their reputation as the industry’s leading innovator.

In lieu of a fully-fledged hydro excavator like the Super Products Mud Dog 700, Ring-O-Matic serves an often underserved group of folks. Where budgets or scope dictate, sometimes all you need to manage a project or initiative is a compact, trailer-mounted vacuum excavator. As incredible as Super Products equipment is, and boy are they top-to-bottom incredible, they can also come with a significant upfront capital investment. Ring-O-Matic are no less incredible, they’re just compressed versions with a more manageable upfront capital investment.

Ring-O-Matic Machines are perfect to use in these applications:

  • Hydro Excavation. High pressure water and a powerful vacuum make short work of tough jobs.
  • Potholing. Safely dig test holes in the ground to locate buried utilities for horizontal directional drills.
  • Keyholing (also known as utility microsurgery).
  • Slot Trenching (narrow trenches for utility installation).
  • Vacuum Excavation. A powerful vacuum quickly cleans up a wide variety of spoils.
  • Catch basin, collection/sediment pit, storm drain, and valve box cleanup.
  • Drilling fluid and mud cleanup.
  • Sewer Jetter Option. Clear clogged sewer lines up to 10″ (25 cm) diameter.
  • Construction site cleanup.
  • Environmental cleanup. Everything from flooded basements to hurricane aftermath to oil spoils.

Ring-O-Matic Vacuum Excavator and Pit Cleaners- Available and On Sale Now- Bortek PWX

Super Products Vacuum Trucks- Bortek Industries, Inc.RING-O-MATIC® EXCAVATORS

Proven Performance

Ring-O-Matic® Vacuum Excavators are built to chew through excavating projects. The thoughtful design, specs, and support all works together to increase performance and reliability — making the Ring-O-Matic Vacuum Excavator a top choice for contractors, cities, & townships alike. Schedule your demo today!

Ring-O-Matic Vacuum Excavator and Pit Cleaners- Available and On Sale Now- Bortek PWX

Super Products Vacuum Trucks- Bortek Industries, Inc.RING-O-MATIC® PIT CLEANERS

Clean your pits, yikes

Where there’s a pit, there’s a way. Water collecting in a pit at a car wash, shop, garage, or any number of facilities that service vehicles in some capacity will inevitably collect dirt and debris that gets packed in, dense, and heavy. Eensures your operation continues to run smoothly with minimal interruption. Schedule your demo today!

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Ring-O-Matic Vacuum Excavator and Pit Cleaners- Available and On Sale Now- Bortek PWX

Between offering best-in-class scrubbers, sweepers, street sweepers, jetters, vac trucks, and other equally essential machines, Bortek has you covered. The process doesn’t end at the sale, however. We want to make sure you’re taken care of in the long term. That starts with providing you with all the support you need to make sure you protect your investment and keep your equipment running like new for as long as you’re operating it. We have curated flexible service programs, highly reliable parts support, extensive rental fleet, and convenient cleaning and facility supplies to best serve you and provide you with the best experience possible. You can also easily order said parts and supplies 24/7 through our online store! We’re here to help you get the job done, and done right!