Aquatech Sewer Cleaning Trucks are both user-friendly and tough enough to tackle any application. These Combination Jet/Vac vehicles use high-pressure water jetting combined with a high-flow vacuum source to clean out pipes and sewers and then vacuum up the material, which returns and maintains normal sewer flow. The water jetter and vacuum blower on these machines are powerful enough that they can also be used for hydro excavation.

The Aquatech Guardian is specially designed to handle cold weather sewer cleaning and quiet operation. In fact, it’s the quietest combination sewer cleaner in the industry! Aquatech’s famous rear-mounted hose reel is also integrated into this model, granting the operator easier access and protection from hot, noisy chassis engines. Setting this model apart is its insulated enclosure, which protects the vacuum and water systems (as well as tools, accessories, nozzles, and lateral hose reels) from cold weather and road debris. As with other Aquatech equipment, the Guardian makes use of the incredibly powerful 5,800 CFM, 27″ Hg vacuum blower – the highest vacuum performance of any sewer cleaner on the market. Other vacuum system options are also available.

Usage & Benefits

Ideal for any size municipality, water and sewer district, or contractor who is cleaning storm drains, catch basins and/or sewers. Excellent for sanitary and storm sewer cleaning, water leak repair and emergency excavation. Also ideal for sewer line bypass for sewer repair/relining/replacement work. The Aquatech Guardian can also be used for hydro excavation – great for safely exposing buried pipes, cables, and utility lines, or digging holes and trenches with precision.


  • Rear-Mounted Jetter Hose Reel: Versatile accessibility. Keeps operator away from hot and noisy chassis engines.
  • Insulated Enclosure: Protects vacuum and water systems from freezing in cold weather. Extra storage for accessories, tools, nozzles, and lateral hose reels. Protects from road debris.
  • 5,800 CFM, 27″ Hg Vacuum Blower: Highest vacuum performance of any sewer cleaner on the market. Other vacuum system options include 5,000 CFM, 18″ Hg and 4,000 CFM, 27″ Hg blowers.
  • ASME Certified 10-yard Debris Body
  • 1,100 Gallon Water Tank Capacity

*Exact specs may change without notice, or vary based on optional add-ons and features.
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