X-Vac X-8 Air & Hydro Excavator

The tandem axle X-8 offers a debris capacity of 8 cubic yards and water tank capacity of 570 gallons, but is still small enough to be ideal for utility work including utility location and potholing.


The tandem axle X-8 by X-Vac offers the perfect balance of debris capacity and size– leaving a small enough footprint to be perfect for utility work such as utility location and potholing.

Smaller than traditional hydro excavators, the X-8 still effectively and efficiently complete projects while maximizing its maneuverability and capabilities.


  • Compact footprint for excellent maneuverability
  • Quietest hydro excavator in the industry
  • 4,000 CFM 27″ Hg high-performance blower
  • 8″ vacuum hose/system with durable single-piece hose
  • 360° top-loading boom reaches anywhere and drops debris in the tank without blasting it against the sides
  • Up to 23,000-lb payload capacity
  • 570-gallon freshwater capacity
  • Lifetime warranty on water tanks and debris body
  • Insulated and heated enclosure
  • 20 GPM @ 2,500 psi run-dry water pump
  • All-weather performance
  • Optional Features:

  • 400,000 BTU Heater
  • 200 CFM 200 psi air for air excavation
  • Additional information



    Power Source

    Debris Tank Capacity

    Vacuum Blower

    4,000 CFM 27" Hg

    Water Storage Capacity

    570 Gallons

    Water Pump

    20 GPM @ 2,500 psi

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