The Best Underground Excavation Solution For Contractors & Municipalities

X-Vac X-8 Hydro Excavator Sidewalk Utility ExcavationX-Vac is a global leader in innovative vacuum excavation systems providing a proven, non-destructive method to excavate underground areas.

For over 30 years, X-Vac has provided leading hydro excavation trucks tailored for the demands of specialty contractors and municipalities throughout the world. X-Vac vacuum excavators are designed by industry experts to provide unsurpassed performance for a wide range of excavating applications, including excavation of soil and rock while carefully locating and exposing underground utility systems.

X-Vac offers engineering support to customize vacuum excavation equipment and systems to meet the most demanding applications.

Their philosophy is to provide the highest quality, most reliable hydro excavation equipment, and an unending focus on customer satisfaction and value.

X-Vac Hydro Excavators Proudly Manufactured in the USA

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