Proteus Roller Skids

Roller skids expand the capabilities of the compatible push rod reel for use in pipes 6 to 18″. The three pivoting arms with nylon wheels adjust to fit the required pipe diameter and keep the camera head centered at all times. It also allows you to negotiate multiple corners and bends. Use Proteus Roller Skids to increase the effectiveness and lifespan of your pipeline inspection system. Manufactured from high quality materials. No tools or manual adjustments are required, simply fit the skid and the three pivoting arms with specially shaped nylon wheels adjust to fit the required pipe diameter keeping the camera head centered in the pipeline at all times. The roller skids expand the system for use in 6”-18” pipelines, this enables you to use your push camera inspection system in pipelines that would otherwise require a crawler system. The roller skids allow inspection cameras to negotiate multiple corners and bends and increase the depth range significantly. Manufactured from stainless steel and ABS plastic the device is sturdy, rugged and corrosion resistant to withstand the punishment of daily field work.

Sewer & Pipeline Crawler Controller Accessories

These unique tools allow operators to inspect sewers & pipelines and identify areas of those lines that may require maintenance. Adding accessories to your pipeline inspection tool kit allows you more versatility and options to better complete the job at hand. Your Bortek PWX experts are here to help. Contact us today!

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