Proteus Manual Camera Reel

Manual reels are available with 330, 650 or 1000 feet of Kevlar reinforced inspection cable. Smooth pay-out and re-winding performance is enhanced by the cable layering mechanism and a heavy duty turning handle. Reels are compact and portable making them easy to use in remote locations.


Proteus reels are available in both motorized or manual crank and are out-fitted with high tensile strength Kevlar reinforced cable. Motorized reels automatically feed or retract cable allowing for uninterrupted, tangle free pay-out and re-winding. The motorized reel is controlled using dedicated keys on the Proteus control unit which also features an intuitive on-screen status display. The manual crank reel is perfect for those looking for a more portable or cost effective option. Lighter and smaller than the motorized reel making it ideal for inspections in remote locations and fits perfectly with the Proteus portable cart option.

Sewer & Pipeline Cable Reels

These unique tools allow operators to inspect sewers & pipelines and identify areas of those lines that may require maintenance. Your Bortek PWX experts are here to help. Contact us today!

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