Proteus CAM027 Self-Levelling Axial Camera Head

Featuring 9 high powered LED lights and motorized self focus, the CAM027 is built to handle small diameter inspections with the CRP90. This camera is also available in an Explosion-Proof ATEX Zone 2 certified option. These camera heads are specifically designed for increased safety in potentially dangerous environments.


Proteus’ expanding range of high quality cameras includes our trusted Pan & Tilt CAM026 with 360 continuous rotation and 135 +/- pan and Pan & Tilt Zoom CAM028 for increased performance. Featuring high powered ultra-bright LED lighting and provide optimum illumination for better clarity of images. Highest quality components are sourced from around the world and our skilled technicians assemble and rigorously test the cameras at our production facility. Built for longevity the cameras are rugged, with robust and precise connectors, and engineered to perform with excellent optical quality.

Sewer & Pipeline Camera Heads

These unique tools allow operators to inspect sewers & pipelines and identify areas of those lines that may require maintenance. Your Bortek PWX experts are here to help. Contact us today!

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