Global M4 CNG Street Sweeper

Designed for heavy duty sweeping such as construction clean, state highway sweeping, and road resurfacing.



Our Purpose built street sweepers such as Global M3 and Global M4 have been available in CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) for over 10 years serving communities all over the nation.

Global’s Specialty is focusing on products that Reliable, Affordable and Innovative. The Global M3/MX3 and M4 have been around for over 25 years. We are proud to say that we focus on clear technologies and yes Global M3/MX3, Global M4 and Global Python S3000 are available with a CNG Option.

All of Global’s products with CNG Configuration meet current environmental air quality standards. Global Sweepers utilize three (19) gallon composite CNG tanks with diesel equivalent capacity up to 67 gallons. Composite CNG Tanks are safe and reliable and offer the following:

● Weigh up to 70% less than steel tanks
● Meet the requirements of ANSI/CSA NGV2, DOT FMVSS 304
● 20-year service life
● Corrosion Resistant
● Stainless Steel Tubing, face seal O-ring fittings & devices.

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Our Alternative Fuel street sweepers are everywhere. Many major fleets utilize our products because they are simply the best! You may find our products in California and New York.

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