Proteus Cam Float Raft

For use in heavy flow pipes. It’s compact design allows for use in pipes as small as 24 inches and built in powerful LED lights for use in pipes up to 80 inches. Eliminate the need for man-entry. The Proteus float raft features three extremely powerful, ultra-bright auxiliary light heads which provide enough light to illuminate pipes in excess of 80″. The float raft is also small enough to be lowered down most common sized manholes to inspect pipe diameters as small as 24″. Designed and manufactured in-house to exacting standards, the tough polyethylene construction of the raft body is impact resistant and designed to withstand challenging inspections. A built-in lowering loop makes for quick and easy deployment and retrieval, and the factory tested flotation plate ensures the device is perfectly balanced to eliminate rolling.

Sewer & Pipeline Crawler Accessories

These unique tools allow operators to inspect sewers & pipelines and identify areas of those lines that may require maintenance. Adding accessories to your pipeline inspection tool kit allows you more versatility and options to better complete the job at hand. Your Bortek PWX experts are here to help. Contact us today!

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