Why is Spring Street Sweeping So Important?

Why is Spring Street Sweeping So Important?

When most people consider street sweeping, they think of the fall, when the leaves are changing color and falling to the ground. They think of garbage that rolls on the sidewalks and the other harmful debris that get picked up by the truck. While leaves and trash are very negative for sewer systems and water filtration plants, if the streets were not swept in the spring, our waterways would be impacted more significantly. Throughout the course of a cold winter, it isn’t uncommon for ice to form in front of businesses and on roads. As a result, we spread sand and other chemicals to break down the ice to make these areas safer for both vehicular and pedestrian traffic. The chemicals that are spread commonly contain chloride, which is very dangerous to waterways. According the the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, it only takes 1 teaspoon of road salt to permanently damage 5 gallons of water. Once the salt is in the water, there is virtually no way to remove it. Also, the sand that is laid down to improve traction can build up and clog storm drains, requiring a larger machine (and a larger budget) to address. It’s better to take care of your spring cleaning as soon as the weather allows, and Bortek offers a few solutions.

The Global M3 is purpose-built and designed with reliability, superior safety, low maintenance, intuitive operation, and lowest operating cost per swept mile in mind. The Global M3 offers unique and extraordinary features that cannot be found in any other 3-wheeled sweeper. To name a few, this includes an amazing 12.5 foot turning radius, low center of gravity, exceptional visibility, and the largest hopper capacity in it’s class. This machine is perfect for lower-cost and high safety cleaning.

The Global R3 Air provides superior sweeping with its 32″ suction fan and 72″ wide pick up head! It can pick up heavy debris as well as light debris. With the center mounted cab/forward layout, the operator has visibility of the road surface as well as pedestrians and surrounding traffic. The 116-inch wheel-base allows for the sweeper to reach a turning radius of 12 1/2 feet, wall-to-wall. With the pickup head in the center, there is no need to worry about what is happening behind you.

The main difference between these two street sweepers is the collection method. The Global M3 utilizes a mechanical elevator in combination with brushes to pick up debris from the surface and store it in the hopper. The Global R3 Air uses a vacuum to suck up materials, filter them out of the air, then deposit everything else into the hopper. The air in the system is reused and cycled through the machine several times. The R3 Air is beter applied to cases where there is a lot of fine sediment and sand that might prove more difficult for the M3.

For entities looking to pick up a few extra machines for their spring cleaning, Bortek offers machines for daily, weekly, monthly, and long term rental periods. We have recent models from the top brands, and our in-house factory-trained technicians make sure they are always running at peak performance. Visit our rental page to learn more!