Street Sweeper Rentals

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Global M3 Street Sweeper Dust Control Water and Air Filters

Dustless Sweeping

Dulevo 300 Street Sweeper Around Tree

PM 10 Dust Filtration

It's a Clean Sweep

Global M3 Street Sweeper Raised Hopper Dump Raise it high

Easy Dumping

Global M4 HSD High Side Dump Street Sweeper Exit Stage Left

High Side Dump

Global Street Sweeper Service Repair Rentals Sweep Like New

Maintained by Factory-Trained Technicians

Global V4 Vacuum Air Street Sweeper Vacuum Sweeping is a Breeze

Vacuum Air Sweeping

Street Sweeper Rental

Road and Bike Path Cleaning

Feature Overview

  • Diesel
  • Dustless Sweeping
  • Bike Lane Sweeping
  • High Rear or Side Dumping*
  • CDL and Non-CDL Options
  • Purpose-Built and Chassis-Mounted Sweepers
  • Recent Models
  • Maintained In-House by Our Factory-Trained Technicians
Rental Periods
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No matter the job or location, our fleet of rental street sweepers can handle it. Municipal roads and bike lanes sweeping, heavy construction debris including rocks, sand, and road milling cleanup, silica dust control, cleaning around storm drains for your MS4 program, or seasonal rock salt sweeping – these sweepers can get it done.

We know that you want results, so we make sure that our rental sweepers are only recent models from top brands. Not only that, but we keep them performing their best with regular in-house servicing by the factory-trained technicians in our fully equipped service shop. Don’t worry about dust – these sweepers take care of it with water-based dust control and dust filters.

Moving between sites? How about a highway-speed capable street sweeper. No matter the case, all of our sweepers feature fantastically tight turning and maneuverability, not to mention driver visibility and comfort.

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*Rental machines displayed here may be substituted for similar models according to availability.