X-Vac X-12 Hydro Excavator

The X-12 models only require one or two technicians to operate. These hydro excavating systems feature a low-profile, 12 cubic yd. debris tank that provides lower center of gravity, as well as 1,140 gallon water capacity.


X-12 Hydro Excavator Trucks use state-of-the-art water pump and vacuum technology to safely locate and expose any type or size of underground utilities. Soil, sand and rock are quickly, safely and neatly excavated.

Risk of underground utility strikes is virtually eliminated. The re-circulation system of X-Vac hydro trucks keeps heated water moving continuously to prevent freezing in cold temperatures. X-Vac’s Hydro Excavator Trucks are precision-engineered so that air and water volumes can be independently controlled to provide the ideal mix for any application.

The X-12 Hydro Trucks reduce labor costs as only one or two technicians are required. These hydro excavating systems feature a low-profile debris tank that provides lower center of gravity. The rear door opens fully for easy clean-out of the excavating equipment. The X-12 features dual cyclone separators each with a material drop-out box for efficient material separation from the air stream. All boom hydraulic functions can be operated by remote control. The Hydro Excavation Truck’s vacuum producer and water pump are independently controlled. The X-12 offers minimal breakdowns and less downtime due to high quality construction and components.


  • Cold Weather, Severe Duty Re-Circulation System
  • Triplex Water Pump: 20 GPM @ 2500 PSI
  • 5250 CFM, 27″ Hg Vacuum Blower
  • Hot Water Heater 700,000 BTU
  • 340° Rotating Top Loading Boom
  • 12 Cubic Yard Debris Tank
  • Dual Cyclonic Separators with Double Collection Chambers
  • Wireless Remote Controls for Blower & Water Pump
  • Four 285-Gallon water Storage Tanks (1140 Gallons)
  • Highest Standard Ground Clearance in the Industry
  • Heated Enclosure for Water Heater, Pump, Hose Reel & Tool Storage
  • Additional Features:

    Debris Tank

  • Cylindrical design, 50,000 PSI minimum yield strength
  • Directional splash shield including side shielding attached to the tank
  • Blower

  • Roots Model 616 DVJ vacuum pump capable of producing 2400 CFM
  • Ultra quiet exhaust silencer
  • Water Tanks/Pump

  • Poly-graphite rust-free tanks
  • Adjustable Triplex water pump; 0-2,500 PSI
  • Miscellaneous

  • Spring loaded hose reel
  • Control Panel mounted on curb side of unit
  • LED DOT lighting
  • Cold Weather Package
  • Vacuum Tube Package
  • Single axle diesel-powered truck chassis
  • Chassis engine powers the system
  • Frame mounted ground cable reel
  • Additional information


    Debris Tank Capacity

    Power Source


    Vacuum Blower

    5250 CFM, 27" Hg

    Water Pump

    20 GPM @ 2500 PSI

    Water Storage Capacity

    1,140 Gallons