Global R4 Air Street Sweeper

This regenerative air sweeper is able to clean up heavy debris, and move between multiple cleaning sites at highway travel speeds.



Regenerative Air Sweeping with Highway Speed Travel

The Global R4 Street Sweeper is a marvel of sweeping technology. Its heavy-duty 47″ digger-type gutterbrooms lend their debris-directing power to an impressive 72″-wide Pick-Up Hood and 32″-diameter suction fan, assuring that neither fine dust nor heavy debris escapes its path. Of course, diaphragm water pumps for dust suppression are a given as well. Top it off with one of the largest debris hoppers in the industry (4.3m3 (5.6 yds3) with high dump clearance up to 116″, available in stainless steel) and you won’t be left wanting.

If you’re sweeping multiple sites and locations, the R4 is the sweeper for you. It’s capable of reaching highway travel speeds, so there’s no trouble with transporting it to additional locations.

Global Sweeper Quality

As with all of our Global street sweepers, you can expect both convenience and durability in addition to the R4’s raw sweeping power.


The center-mounted, cab-forward design provides the driver with unsurpassed visibility of road surfaces, pedestrians, and surrounding traffic. A rear-view camera with in-cab 7″ LCD monitor is standard on every Global sweeper.


With an 18.5-foot turning radius, you’ll be able to get your sweeper just where you want it with ease.


The R4 is built to last with a stainless steel hopper and a fan that’s protected by a wear-resistant coating. The hydraulically-driven fan features sealed loop air that’s filtered by a dust separator before it reaches the blower. The water system keeps debris from returning to the impeller.


Regular maintenance and troubleshooting is no problem, since hydraulic hoses are not hidden in the frame of the sweeper. The engine, alternator, drive belt, hydraulic oil cooler, manifolds, and filters are all easily accessible. Swing out panels provide unrestricted access to the fan housing for cleaning and maintenance. Electrical components are accessible in a centralized, weatherproof locker to keep them protected even when performing troubleshooting and inspection in rough conditions.


Get all you want and none of what you don’t! Global streets sweepers have a ton of customization options to suit your needs.

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Cummins ISB6.7-280 HP