Dulevo 120 Sweeper

The combination of effective sweeping capabilities with a complete ease of maneuverability makes this mini sweeper one of the best cleaning solutions.

The ride-on Dulevo 120 has all the characteristics of the best industrial machines: A wide container, great power, excellent sweeping performance and a really efficient suction system. If dust is your problem, the ride-on Dulevo 120 sweeper is more than a simple solution, it’s an extraordinary opportunity. Designed to work in any environment, the 120 is a one of a kind machine: Solid, reliable, and noiseless.

Capable of collecting both the finest of dust and gravel, this sweeper is ideal for all applications in the heavy industry, and is also suited for use in public environments as well as in loading/unloading areas such as warehouses, quays, parking lots, and anywhere there is need of a machine capable of carrying out heavy duties in an agile and maneuverable manner. Three different versions (electric, gasoline, and diesel) allow you to choose the most suited machine for each work environment. Not only does the Dulevo 120 feature three different versions, but it can also be equipped with the GORE® filtering system, which can filter up to 90% of PM2.5, freeing the environment where we live not only from dirt and dust, but also from the dangerous particulates. The special filtering GORE® materials foster a considerable increase of performance, guaranteeing a higher duration, easy cleaning, reduced maintenance, an increase in the air capacity equal to 35%: All this for a better sweeping quality. GORE dust filters installed in the industrial sweeper have 5 YEARS warranty.

When sweeping, the collection of the debris is carried out through the side brushes, which sends it toward the center of the machine, where the central cylindrical brush hurls it at high speed directly into the container. The dust is sucked and kept in the container thanks to the depression created by a high capacity and prevalence suction fan. The fabric filtering system completes the sleeping cycle, guaranteeing the introduction in the environment of only clean air. The fabric filtering system completes the sweeping cycle, guaranteeing the introduction of only clean air in the environment.

Dulevo 120 Sweeper Features:

The 120 in synthesis:

  1. Heavy duty steel frame
  2. Water-cooled motors suited for hot climates and long working shifts
  3. Standard power steering, for a more comfortable and pleasant driving
  4. Compaction system inside the caisson designed to increase the collection capacity
  5. No electronics
  6. Standard bulky refuse port
  7. Replacement of the central brush without tools.

Sweeping width:
-With central brush (47.2 inches)
-With side brushes (70.9 inches)
-With third brush (80.7 inches)

Waste container capacity (118.9 gallons)

Model 120 EH 120 BK 120 DK
Minimum cleaning track (mm) 1200 1200 1200
Maximum cleaning track (mm) 2050 2050 2050
Container capacity (l) 800 800 800
Hourly performance (mq/h) 16400 20500 20500
Power supply Electric 48V Petrol / GPL Diesel
Filtration PM10 (%) 99 99 99

Additional information



Power Source

, ,

Cleaning Path

Hopper Capacity

28 cu ft

Sweep Method

Direct Throw

Productivity (Theoretical)

176,528 sqft

Productivity (Practical)

100,000 sqft

Size (L x W x H)

99" x 62" x 61"


4,585 lbs

System Voltage

48 Volt


.75 hp

Chassis Construction


Country of Origin