Cyclone CY5500SK2 Deep Cleaning & Recovery Pressure Washer System

Hard surface pressure washing and recovery, now conveniently truck-mounted as a self-contained cleaning system and walk-behind unit.

Its hard surface pressure washing and recovery, now conveniently truck-mounted. The SK provides a cleaning system with a water heater and recovery tank to be used with the CY210 walk-behind pressure washer (standard with the CY5500SK2). You can move the whole shebang between locations with ease, since all the storage you need is built in, and an automatic loading/unloading lift gate is attached for the CY210 walk-behind unit.

How It Works

  1. The CY210’s cleaning head, with its 2 high-pressure water nozzles and 8 turbine blades, rotates at high speed to create a vortex of air and water equivalent to a category 4 cyclone storm.
  2. The continuous air movement scours the surface and creates lift that recovers the water along with removed dirt and debris, deep cleaning with just a single pass.
  3. The same air movement flings the waste water into a small holding tank, where it is then pumped into the waste water reclaim tank – thereby completing the waste water recovery process without a vacuum system.
  4. An on-board multi-stage filtration system, standard on the SK, cleans and recycles recovered waste water – extending run-time and further reducing water consumption.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Instantaneous water recovery with water recycling system
  • Chemical free – allows deep impact cleaning with only water and heat
  • Aides in EPA compliance with environmentally friendly technology
  • Standard with 100′ of supply and return line on automatic hose reels for increased production
  • Drastically increase the amount of area cleaned using a single operator for increased productivity and lower overall cost per hour
  • Cyclone Technology’s non-vacuum design means less maintenance and lower annual fuel costs; resulting in a faster return on investment
  • Technical Specifications

    Cyclone SK (Truck-Mounted Cleaning System)
    Water Capacity 420 gal Combination
    Wastewater Recovery Tank Fiberglass with Patented Internal Separation Baffles, Easy Clean Out Tanks with Top Cap Access and 3″ drains
    Filtration (2) 75 micron and (2) 30 micron / Stainless Steel, Fully cleanable and reusable
    Pressure Pump 3,600psi @ 6GPM (248bar @ 22.7LPM) / Giant Pump
    Power Source Base Chassis Power Take Off
    Fuel Tanks Gasoline, Diesel
    Run Time Up to 6 hours (application dependent)
    Productivity Up to 12,000ft2 per hour
    Pressure Lance Standard 36″ Length
    Pressure Hose 100ft Standard for Both Supply and Recovery (other length options available)
    Heater Diesel-Fired Burner Standard for Water Heated up to 160°F
    Chassis Third Party Chassis Available (Ford F-550 Pictured)
    Chassis (L x W x H) 23ft L x 7ft 8in. W x 7ft 6in. H
    CY210 Loading System Side-Mounted Liftgate with Winch System
    Weight (Full) 15,500 lbs. (Full of water, with CY210)
    Weight (Empty) 12,000 lbs. (Empty, without CY210)
    Cyclone CY210 (Walk-Behind Pressure Washer)
    Cleaning Path 18″
    Input Pressure Up to 5,500psi (379.2bar)
    Pump Recommendations 2,000 psi at 4GPM (137.9bar at 15.1LPM) (minimum)
    Input Temperature Up to 200°F
    Power Source Honda gasoline with electric start
    Pressure Connections Supply: 3/8″ male quick connect / Recovery: 1″ cam lock
    Spray Tips 2 spray tips protected by vented plate
    Battery 12V for starting
    Weight 410lbs.
    Dimensions (L x W x H) 68″ x 35″ x 42″

    Additional information



    Power Source

    Country of Origin

    Water Tank Capacity

    Pressure Pump

    3,600 psi @ 6 GPM

    Run Time

    6 Hours

    Hose Length

    100 ft


    Diesel-fired burner standard for water heated up to 160°F

    Productivity (Practical)

    12,000 sq ft