Cyclone Technology Pressure Washing & Recovery

Cyclone Technology’s pressure washing machines are engineered to deep clean outdoor surfaces more efficiently and in a more environmentally friendly way than other methods. Their equipment is able to accommodate a variety of clients, with both low pressure and high pressure washing options.

Their machines use a multi-patented cleaning and recovery head to aggressively clean and remove buildup with no damage to the surface. This Cyclone cleaning head provides high velocity air movement for instant recovery of waste and water with no runoff or discharge to the environment, and no need for an external vacuum system. Their sustainable cleaning technology means that 95% of the water is recovered and waste water run-off is eliminated. Solid waste is recovered and separated out for proper treatment or recycling. This process allows for a much more fuel efficient recovery of water from the cleaned surface than a pressure washing system with an external vacuum. The results are a clean surface, without standing water, that is ready for immediate use.

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