“Cow Udder” Multi-Hose Adapter for Jet/Vac Machines

Connect smaller 2″ and 3″ hoses to your jet/vac equipment with this 4-input 8″ hose adapter.

This is a multi-hose adapter for suction/vac machines such as hydro excavators or sewer jet/vac trucks. It has an 8″ flange that clamps on directly to your 8″ suction hose or tube. The standard is a flat flange for Vactor or Vac-Con equipment, but it is also available with a Band-Loc connection in either male or female.

Now you can easily connect those smaller 2″ and 3″ hoses to this universal “cow udder”. It comes with four inputs: 3″ male and female camlock ends and also 2″ male and female camlock ends. This covers most of the hoses and connections for smaller jobs (which, though smaller, are no less important!). For example, you might need those hoses for traps, pits, wells, or tanks – and now you can connect them. You can use multiple hoses if need be, or leave one open for better air flow movement.

Each of the inlet ports also comes with its own end cap. It is made of all steel with threaded ends and then aluminum camlocks.

It weights only 10 lbs. and is very compact.

Part Numbers

  • COW-U-8V – 8″ Flat Flange
  • COW-U-8BLF – 8″ Band-Loc Female
  • COW-U-8BLM – 8″ Band-Loc Female

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