Garages have a habit to get very dirty very quickly. When a vehicle is being cleaned, substances like oil and grease have a tendency to get everywhere. When there are a large amount of vehicles that need to be maintained or repaired in a short amount of time, it can be easy to ignore spills that need attention. While it may be faster to continue working, it also creates an unsafe work environment.

It is good practice to put away tools and clean a station between vehicles. Mechanics can prevent their tools from wearing down by cleaning them with Bortek’s Industrial TUFF Wipes and putting them away so they aren’t in the way. Mopping and sweeping once or twice a day also can help to keep the floor clean and prevent needing to hire a professional cleaning service to deep clean the floor in the garage.

Bortek offers several sweepers and scrubbers that make floor cleaning a breeze. If you need equipment that uses a chemical cleaning solution to scrub shop or storage warehouse floors, then you need a floor scrubber. Options like the Factory Cat XR Series Scrubbers are perfect scrubbers for shops. These machines are tough, powerful, and durable to hand the toughest jobs. With a dusty equipment warehouse, you would benefit more from a sweeper like the Powerboss Collector 34 Sweeper. Sweepers like this one are perfect for cleaning up dust and debris significantly more effectively than a wimpy broom. Models like the Collector 34 have a large main broom and hopper size to save both time and labor costs.