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Electric, Eco-Friendly Street Sweeping

The Future is Now | Fully Electric Street Sweeping

Alternative energy and electric vehicles have earned themselves a permanent place in the automotive and public works cleaning industries. In recent years, it seems that every manufacturer is racing to find the most efficient and eco-friendly fuel options, and street sweeper companies are in on it too. What was once costly and uncertain, is now cost-efficient, reliable, and improving by the year. As incredible as it is, there are now street sweepers that are capable of running on 100% electric power without sacrificing their heavy-duty sweeping power or run time, while also providing the benefits of zero emissions, lower noise, and lower maintenance and fuel costs. Sweepers like the Dulevo D.Zero2 is living proof! Now is the time to take a second look at electric sweeping.

Clean Streets, Clean Air

Zero Emissions

The purpose of street sweeping is to clean, so it would be counterproductive to pollute the air with greenhouse gases and emissions generated from diesel and gasoline. Electric street sweeping allows you to “cleanly clean”. Electric vehicles (EVs) produce zero emissions, so they are able to pick up dirt and debris like any other sweeper without contributing to air pollution. If you factor in the potential MS4 Program benefits, electric sweepers essentially provide a holistic approach to cleaning, with a focus on the ground, and consideration for water and air. Now that the technology is available for electric sweeping to be a viable and affordable option, street sweepers are able to be the cleaning machines they always wanted to be. It just makes sense to be environmentally friendly when you’re, you know, cleaning the environment.

Dulevo D.zero2 Electric Street Sweepers

Cut Through the Noise

Air pollution doesn’t end with CO2 and harmful gas emissions; noise pollution is also worth a consideration. Since electric street sweepers don’t rely on a traditional engine to run, they are way more quiet to operate. According to Dulevo International, its 100% electric D.zero2 sweeper cuts noise emissions by 10% compared to traditional street sweepers. In person, it’s immediately noticeable that the noise reduction of electric sweepers is significant. This enables operators to perform efficient night shift sweeping without getting noise complaints from the neighbors.

But at what cost?

Alternative energy vehicle technology has been developing rapidly in recent years, and it is now at the point of being not just affordable, but cost-efficient. First of all, electric power means long-term savings from cutting out the frequent cost of diesel fuel. In 2018, the price of diesel averaged almost triple what it was in 1999, and it’s been even higher than that too. In comparison, the cost of electricity has remained low and has followed a more predictable trend.1 Along the same line, by dropping the diesel-powered engine, electric street sweepers cut out the cost of oil changes and maintenance that tends to go along with more moving parts. Of course, all of this is possible without sacrificing performance.

Now is the perfect time to get in on electric sweeping. In addition to the other kinds of cost savings, there are still plenty of grants, tax credits, and government incentives for pursuing alternative energy. We’re past the early adopter phase of the technology now. It’s only going increase in popularity from here on out.

Dulevo D.zero2 Electric Street Sweepers

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