Plexy-Protection Manhole Grill for Jetting & Vacuuming

Reduce exposure to sewer mist. Has a hole for vacuum tube and roller for jetter hose. Buy this manhole guard online on Bortek Shop.

Reduce exposure to sewer mist with Plexy-Protection Manhole Work Rings for jetting and vacuuming with Plexiglass Splash Guard.

This lightweight, all aluminum manhole safety roller cover reduces the possibility of exposure by keeping sewer splash and mist in the manhole where it belongs. Now you can protect your workers from falling in the manhole and from inadvertent sewer spray.

At just 15 lbs., it’s easy to move!

It has been designed with a 600 lb. weight capacity and fits manholes from 23″ to 36″.

Features an aluminum hose roller plus a 13″ wide opening for your suction tubes and clamps to pass. Underneath the grates are covered by 3/8″ strong plexiglass that keeps sewer spay down below.

The grill has four adjusting bolts that have openings on top for ease of tightening against the manhole rim.

Also available in jetting-only versions: CO-24A (24″), CO-24N (24″), and CO-36N (36″).

Buy this manhole grill online on Bortek Shop.

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