Machete™ Linear Oscillating Nozzle

Straighter lines. Cleaner holes. Penetrating faster.

The Machete™ is a premium oscillating tool and the first of its kind in the hydro-excavation market. By moving water in an oscillating motion combined with a smaller spray angle, the direct stream provides a more forceful flow and impact. It’s the perfect nozzle to give you the cutting power and penetration of a straight tip and the movement of a rotating tip. Whether it’s trenching or cutting through compact soils, the Machete acts as a finishing tool for any job. By creating a crisp straight edge, while not undermining itself, the Machete provides a safer top surface environment.

  • Superior Performance – Blasts a 0-degree oscillating water stream at an optimal speed creating a 15-degree wedge of powerful flow that will allow you to dig faster and save water in the hardest and most compact soil types.
  • Rugged and Replaceable – constructed of stainless steel housing and tungsten carbide to withstand harsh environments. A replaceable cover extends the life of your nozzle!
  • Safety – Reduces undermining for safer operating use.
  • Efficient – allows you to cut deeper to complete faster.

Be prepared to tackle your toughest jobs.

Parts and Accessories

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3.0-8.9 (Depending on Size)

Housing Material

Stainless Steel


Max Temperature

180ºF (+82ºC)

Nozzle Tip Material

Tungsten Carbide