Debris Baskets are a great tool for anyone jetting upstream wanting to trap the downstream debris flow. Let the water flow through, and when full just pull up and dump. You might even find some gold in there. Available in sizes from 6? to 24?. 25 foot rope included.
Product Number: DBR-6      6″      DEBRIS BASKET 6″ WITH ROPE DBR-8      8″      DEBRIS BASKET 8″ WITH ROPE DBR-10    10″    DEBRIS BASKET 10″ WITH ROPE DBR-12    12″    DEBRIS BASKET 12″ WITH ROPE DBR-15    15″    DEBRIS BASKET 15″ WITH ROPE DBR-18    18″    DEBRIS BASKET 18″ WITH ROPE DBR-24    24″    DEBRIS BASKET 24″ WITH ROPE

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