Hydro Excavator & Vacuum Truck Rentals

Aquatech B10 Sewer Jet/Vac 360° Rotating Boom RENT ONE TODAY!

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Precision Power

Aquatech B-10 Jet/Vac Sewer Cleaning Truck using Jetter Hose Nozzle

360° Rotating Boom, 180° Articulating Rear Hose Reel

Reach Anywhere

Safe, Effective & Efficient

Utility Excavation & Maintenance

Aquatech B10 Sewer Jet/Vac Internal Flush-Out System for Debris Tank Easy Cleaning

Debris Tank Internal Flush-Out System

Aquatech B-10 Jet/Vac Sewer Cleaning Truck jetter in manhole Video

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Aquatech B10 Sewer Jet/Vac Vacuum Pump, Tubes, Side Storage Air/Vac System

2700 CFM Operating Capacity Vacuum

Hydro Excavator / Vacuum Truck Rentals

Aquatech Jetter/Vacuum Combination Vehicle

Feature Overview

  • Diesel
  • 1,450 gallon Water Tank
  • 80GPM; 2500psi Water Pump System
  • 10 yds3 Debris Tank
  • 180° Articulating Rear-Mounted Hose Reel
  • 360° Hydraulic Boom Rotation
  • Rear-mounted reel (low noise & heat for operator)
  • Triplex reciprocating water pump for a constant, vibration-free flow
  • Manufactured in the USA
Rental Rates
1 Day$2,200
1 Week$4,140
4 Weeks$11,900
Please call (800) 626-7835 for special pricing on rentals over three months.*


Our Hi-Vac Aquatech hydro excavators / vacuum trucks are some of the best available to rent in Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Vacuum up heavy debris, daylight buried utilities, dig trenches with precision, or even clear sewer line blockages.

These models stand out with multiple advantages designed to boost performance and make the operator’s job easier. The rear-mounted hose reel keeps the noise and heat away from the operator, so much so that they can actually hear verbal communication. This positioning also provides safer visibility while driving.

The triplex pump provides constant, vibration-free water flow to the jetter hose.

Single engine drive allows us to equip the vehicles with incredibly powerful vacuum systems.

360 degree boom rotation and up to 20 feet extension assure you’ll be able to reach any dig site.

Dump less often – Debris is dropped evenly into the middle of the tank, not blasted to one side as is the norm in other hydro excavators.

Technical Specifications and Features

Water Tank Capacity1,450 gallons
Debris Tank Capacity10 yds3
Debris Tank Dump Angle40°
Boom360° Rotation, Extends up to 20′, Powers Up/Down
Water Pump SystemUp to 80GPM @ 2500psi
Air/Vac System4000 CFM operating capacity, 204″ water column
Vac Hose Diameter8″ intake hose
Jetter Hose ReelRear-Mounted, 180° hydraulic articulating
Jetter Hose400′ of 1″, 2500 PSI hose (800′ capacity)

*Prices listed on this page are estimates. Actual delivery charges will be quoted when the order is confirmed according to the rental location. Additional taxes and fees may apply. Rental rate covers the cost of normal wear and tear, excluding ground-engaging components. Any repair work required by physical damage sustained during the rental will be charged to the Renter at our regular service rates. Weekends and holidays are included in rental periods. One week rental periods are equal to seven calendar days. Rental machines displayed here may be substituted for similar models according to availability.